The Service: Fastbraces USA® Airflow® Botox® White Fillings, Crowns, Veneers, Bleaching, Whitening, Hygiene, Implants.



Dental treatment is carried out by Dr John Wright, a fully qualified dentist with a doctorate qualification and who has several years experience working within research and the general dental services. We can offer all NHS and Private dental options to both adults and children and these can be discussed on consultation.

White/resin fillings should always considered as a first option due to their tooth preserving properties. High quality crowns and veneers are also available when indicated. Tooth whitening products can be discussed and are often the first relatively simple treatment offered to improve the look of the teeth when we smile.

Good oral hygiene should always be considered as vital in any long term oral care plan. With this in mind, great emphasis is placed on good hygiene being maintained from the outset by the client, especially after thorough cleaning has been carried out using the most up to date products available.





which gently but efficiently removes surface staining using a water jet containing bicarbonate crystals. This has been shown to whiten teeth in-expensively without the need for tooth whitening/bleaching treatments in some cases.

Facial aesthetic treatments such as botox and dermal fillers are already well established for both men and women in the practice and will help complement good looking teeth as well. We pride ourselves in providing these high quality products at one of the lowest prices in Scotland.




This sounds too good to be true but its a completely new concept. We now offer this new revolutionary orthodontic service which, in most cases, will allow you to keep all your good teeth. The results are truly amasing in my opinion. As with any new product it must be evaluated thoroughly. This has now been done after 20 years of research and development in the USA. This has only just arrived in Scotland and after attending one of the launch programmes by the founding professor, we can now offer this exciting service to children and adults up to the age of 80 years. The research has shown the technology to be less painful and extremely fast compared to traditional orthodontics and the teeth are moved properly and effectively from day one. Please enquire about this exciting new product which in the future, may alter the way general dentistry is performed.

All treatments discussed with our clients are confidential and are in a relaxed, stress free environment. Should you have any concerns about the service offered by us please contact us in writing or in person. We will then act prompltly, according to our complaints policy as we want all our clients to be completely satisfied with what we can offer.